Wireless Broadband Internet

Tired of buffering? Stream movies, surf the web, and game at the speed that you expect and deserve. The competition can’t touch us! Providing fast, reliable high speed Internet to our customers is our priority.

How we use our Internet today has evolved to include media streaming, social media, and video conferencing for work or keeping in touch with friends and family across the world. ANTS-Technology provides a network with the backbone to make your experience exceptional. With our low latency carrier class network, your videos will stream quickly and smoothly and in stunning quality. Services like Netflix, AppleTV, Skype, and YouTube come to life and bring hours of enjoyment when they are coupled with the right network and internet service.

We want our customers who love to stream videos and other media to have the right bandwidth to allow for a truly remarkable experience. Every service plan we offer is capable of delivering outstanding video/streaming quality. Now, go make the popcorn and lets watch a movie! We won’t throttle your connection because you spent the night in watching your favorite show!

The following guide will show you just how much better our bandwidth really is.
10.0 Mbps per second – Recommended for super HD quality (1080p)
20.0 Mbps per second – Recommended for 3D quality


Most providers, such as Netflix will play content in high definition (720p) or better with an ANTS-Technology Internet connection.


Higher quality video uses more bandwidth than lower-quality video. If your service provider applies a bandwidth or data cap to your Internet service, you should switch to ANTS Technology.

Residential Rates

10 MbpsMost Popular

$ 60

Per Month

20 Mbps

$ 100

Per Month

30 MbpsFastest Connection!

$ 150

Per Month