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ANTS-Technology offers the highest speeds in internet connectivity for your home or business.


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Tired of buffering? Stream movies, surf the web, and game at the speed that you expect and deserve.

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Businesses are diverse, but one thing that all businesses have in common is the need for fast, reliable communication.

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Reliable high speed data and voice solutions

We offer the highest quality Fiber Optic

ANTS-Technology has been providing communication services for over 13 years. As communication needs have changed over the years, so has ANTS-Technology. We have built a powerful network from the ground up providing the highest quality Fiber Optic bandwidth. We are not DSL or Cable. This exciting new expansion will allow us to provide premium internet services to more customers than ever before and help fill the gap for access to reliable, high speed data and voice solutions in a market with either no service, or very poor options with current providers.

ANTS-Technologies Inc., formerly Texas Telcom, has been in the technology business since February of 2002.

I got the opportunity to work from home, but the only internet that was provided out where I live was Hughes Net. Which is absolutely horrible, even just for streaming Netflix on one device. So obviously working from home was a no go on that service. My neighbor told me about ants. I was skeptical but decided to take the plunge and contact the company to see what they could offer. They were honest and told me there was a possibility it might not support my VPN. I went ahead a gave it a shot and it's by far the best decision I have ever made. The internet is fast, and fully supports all the programs required by my job. I am so greatful to this company they made the impossible possible and I am forever greatful. If you're hesitant don't be, you won't be disappointed.
Let’s just start out by acknowledging that satellite internet is not my first choice of internet, but when you live in the country, that’s basically all you’ve got. However, Ants has honestly been the best internet we’ve ever had since living in Terrell. If we ever have any issues they’re quick to fix it, and most of the time they’re fixing an outage before you even realize one is happening. I work from home and we have a lot of devices connected to WiFi and it seems to do well. If you have to go with satellite internet, I highly suggest Ants!
They deliver what you pay for.
Roger Monico
Roger Monico
Excellent internet provider

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