Wireless Broadband Internet for Business

Businesses are diverse, but one thing that all businesses have in common is the need for fast, reliable communication.

We get it.  Reliable internet is vital to exist in a competitive environment.  At ANTS-Technology, we take pride in supporting businesses who operate and thrive in today’s demanding marketplace.  Coordination within an organization, as well as communication with others are the most basic requirements for any successful business.

Whether your company is a “one-man shop”, or a large, multi-location corporation, we have the speeds you need for successful operations.

Our dependable services are a product of top of the line products, skilled technicians, and network reliability.  Competitively priced, we’re centered around serving business professionals like yourself with best-in-class customer service.

Premium Rates


10 MbpsMost Popular

$ 190

Per Month

20 Mbps

$ 380

Per Month

30 MbpsFastest Connection!

$ 570

Per Month